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Cinderella National Tour "A Lovely Night" (from L to R Sarah Smith, Kaitlyn Mayse, Joanna Johnson, Natalie Girard) Copyright Carol Rosseg

"Kaitlyn Mayse, as Ella, showcases powerful vocals throughout the show and adds some spunk to the character, which is refreshing. Her dancing, singing, and stage presence are truly breathtaking." - Natasha Ashley,

"...truly a brilliant, illusory performance by Kaitlyn Mayse, who played Cinderella (aka Ella)...with Mayse, Lukas James Miller (Topher, the prince), and Zina Ellis (the fairy godmother) giving emotive, unflinching performances." - Priscilla Leung, Santa Barbara Independent 

"As Cinderella, Mayse is an appealing, clear-voiced performer, and she exudes a quiet glow in the solo “In My Own Little Corner’’ while also doing a fine job in a pair of duets..." - Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"The talent onstage is what you'd expect from Broadway in Syracuse: first-rate. Kaitlyn Mayse as Ella is to the cinders born, as good as any Disney princess with a lovely voice and sincerity in her acting" - Linda Lowen, Syracuse Entertainment

"The blond, lithe Mayse as the title character is as romantic a figure as any child could wish for. Mayse delivers the songs (especially “In My Own Little Corner”) in a fine soprano and an assertive personality..." - Iris Fanger, The Patriot Ledger


Beauty and the Beast

"Belle, the beauty of the title, was a model of intelligence, warmth, and courage in the portrayal by Kaitlyn Mayse, who perceptively delineated the development of Belle's feeling for the beast" - Gerry Kowarsky, Two on the Aisle

"Jason Micheal Evans (the Beast) played quite well off of Kaitlyn Mayse’s independent Belle...Mayse’s superb voice shaped a number of the show’s tunes with beauty and grace" - Mark Bretz, Ladue News


"Kaitlyn Mayse was a pleasure as Martha Jefferson both vocally and in the charming dance sequence with Franklin and Adams." - George Walker, Indiana Public Media


"Although the choral numbers were clear and strong, Kaitlyn Mayse brought a breath of fresh air as Martha Jefferson, and not a word was lost from the singing lead." - Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal

Sweet Charity

"...especially by the performances of Kaitlyn Mayse (Helene) and Julia Thorn (Nickie) whose portrayal of Charity’s BFFs provide a fiery addition of girl-power that is only enhanced by their own superior levels of artistry. These women are what the stage has admirably labeled “triple-threats,” performers who excel in the area of dance, singing, and acting. The ideal trifecta that is only further enhanced by their ability to balance comedy with sex-appeal. Brava, ladies. Brava." - New Voices Opera


"As the title character in this catchy heartfelt musical, Kaitlyn Mayse presented Greta, a young woman at decision time in her life. Throughout the evening, her face expressed a panoply of emotions: love, humor, repulsion, anxiety, depression and elation." - Doris Lynch, The Herald Times


"Kaitlyn Mayse is quite precious as the dutiful Greta." - George Walker, Indiana Public Media

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